Isha Nembhard used to belong to a gang in Peckham, south London

Yesterday I was astounded by a story in the Observer about the normalisation of rape in gangs.

A very brave 23-year-old woman, Isha Nembhard, a former gang member based in Peckham, exposed the growing level of sexual violence against women by talking to the paper and joined me on the show.

According to Isha, who was part of an 80-strong gang, many women desperate for acceptance as a member or status in their local area, are accepting being gang-raped. Rape is becoming normalised as part of some kind of initiation ceremony.

Isha now works for Foundation 4 Life – getting women out of gangs – and was an amazing guest to illuminate what life is like on the inside of these powerful and intimidating groups. Scotland Yard says there are 250 active street gangs in London – comprising 4,800 people – and many of you rang up to say how scared you are of your families getting in with the wrong crowd in the capital. Muhammed, a really courageous caller, shared his story of his brother getting into gang, despite having the best upbringing, and is now serving time in prison.

Sadly it will be story I am sure we will return to again and again.

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