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Ukip’s most non-PC member: Godfrey Bloom’s real views on women and Nigel Farage

Ahead of tonight’s Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg debate, Emma Barnett sits down with an extremely colourful Godfrey Bloom to discover his eye-watering views about women, sluts, domestic violence, maternity pay and his old flatmate – a certain leader of Ukip.

I had heard Godfrey Bloom would be charming when I met him, despite some of his questionable and downright offensive views, and he didn’t disappoint.
En route to his gentleman’s club, where his wife knows he is “safe” just supping pints with the boys (heaven forbid he was allowed to mingle with crumpet – his word not mine), Mr Bloom paid me a visit at Telegraph Towers a few days ago.

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